Discover Shoppers' Heaven with our Travel Club!

We are a primarily women’s traveling group catering to women who enjoy travel, new experiences and shopping and who are looking to join a small group of ladies for a fun filled experience. We have ladies from all age groups, walks of life, and interests. Our goal is to provide small to medium group travel for women looking to experience life! Join one of our unique shopping tours today.

We cater to small & medium groups to offer these tours with loads of free time to pursue individual interests and at the same time to more intimately get to know each other on our journeys in hopes of creating lifelong new friendships. We look forward to meeting you on our next shopping adventure!

Our Travel Club commenced in 1995. It was started with a weekend shopping excursion to Melbourne from Brisbane. This has now grown to be a yearly event with a large following of keen bargain hunters departing from anywhere in Australia & NZ!

This in turn led to the conception of our overseas tours which for visits to countries such as America, Bangkok, and Hong Kong…. Other destinations are now being planned…. Tell us where in the world you want to go shopping! Melbourne & Auckland NZ is also now a yearly event!

Indulge in a unique shopping and travel experience.