Many women want to travel but either don’t have a companion, time to plan or know how to get the best itinerary. We don’t just book a trip to a destination; we put great thought and planning into each trip to offer an independent unique shopping & travel experience at each destination.

Traveling without a companion can be a dismal experience. We cater to women (but partners are welcome!) who wish to find a group travel experience and meet new friends, we understand the importance of independence & feeling safe when traveling outside of your country and starting new adventures….and Shopping for new and exciting products!


Melbourne Australia in June every year! Come on board and shop your heart out on a long weekend in the arts, cultural & fashion capital of Australia!


Auckland New Zealand March every year! Grab your passport and join us for a long weekend discovering the city of sails - Auckland city and the hidden shopping hubs!

Indulge in a unique shopping and travel experience.

Discover Shoppers' Heaven with our Travel Club!

Our Travel Club commenced in 1995. It was started with a weekend shopping excursion to Melbourne from Brisbane. This has now grown to visiting Melbourne & Auckland every year with a large following of keen bargain hunters joining us departing from anywhere in Australia & NZ!


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